277 vac wiring diagram

wiring diagrams for the lc-060 low voltage controller s1 blue brown red lc-060 lc-060 s1 blue brown red 240/277 vac applications 120 vac applications l1 l2 n black ac green n l1 l2 n ac yellow pink

yellow pink white white black green black/ white/ red n red black/ red L 1 L 2/N NC NO NC 2 NO 2 T TIMER L N COM LOAD #1 LOAD #2 COM2 120/277 VAC. Title: 277 VAC Wiring Diagram Created Date: 8/21/2018 1:27:44 PM A 277/480V, three-phase system can provide single phase or three-phase power at 277 volts or 480 volts. Electrical distribution systems with 277-volt wiring use step down transformers to provide either 240-volt or 120-volt power as required. Wiring Multiple Power Packs Together One Sensor Controlling Two Circuits STANDARD WIRING The Power Pack must be connected to a single phase Hot and Neutral System. For 120 VAC, connect the Black wire to Hot, White wire to Neutral, and Cap off the Orange wire. For 220-277 VAC, connect the Orange to Hot, White to Neutral, and Cap off the Black wire. Wiring Diagrams — Common Lightcloud Wiring Applications 4 Lightcloud Controller used to switch a load without dimming.

Lightcloud Controller GREY RED PURPLE WHITE / RED WHITE WHITE BLACK 120-277 VAC Load or BLACK Fixture Any wires not in use must be capped off or otherwise insulated. This product should only be installed by a qualified 120 VAC = 1800 Watts Max 208/220 VAC = 3000 Watts Max 240/277 VAC = 4000 Watts Max 20 Amps Max INPUT L1 CONNECTIONS TO BE MADE

IN J-BOX DPST SWITCH H1 H2 L2 NOTE: Replace L2 with Neutral for 120 & 277 VAC Applications. WIRING DIAGRAM G Fax: (310) 523-3674 ON/OFF SWITCH ASSEMBLIES DOUBLE POLE SWITCH WIRING 120/277 VAC 20 AMP MAX DATE … Outdoor Emergency Lighting Units Installation Instructions Model: C942FE

Model: NRG304BE SEE NOTE 1 UNDER WIRING DIAGRAM MUST BE CONNECTED TO EITHER 120 OR 277VAC OF EMERGENCY BALLAST WHITE/RED , HOT 2 (THIS LEAD MUST BE CONNECTED 277 A C 93022364 93020877. A 277/480-Volt system powers the industrial and commercial equipment at 480 volts while the 277 volt wiring powers the lights. Electrical discharge lighting is designed to run on 277-volt wiring. A three-phase, four-wire distribution system running at 277 volts is used for high voltage lighting like LED arrays and fluorescent lights. Wireless Switch Installation Guide • 277 VAC 1000 W Resistive • 277 VAC 500 W Tungsten • 277 VAC 1000 W Electronic Low Voltage • 277 VAC 1000 W Magnetic Low Voltage • Total minimum load must exceed 10 W wire nuts according to the relevant wiring diagram.

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